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MPro Adds Village Island to its Product Line

demoHEVC HD and 4K Decoders and Transport Stream Processors. info@mprosystems.net


OmniTek Demonstrates New Ultra 4K Tool Box

demoAnalysis, signal generator, and eye diagram to meet the needs of 4K and UHD environments. info@mprosystems.net


MPro Adds ImmediaTV to its Product Line

demo ImmediaTV develops ASI and IP based H.264 encoding and gateway products. info@mprosystems.net


MPro Adds Quantum Data to its Product Line

demoHandheld and desktop test products for the HDMI based display industry. info@mprosystems.net


MPro Adds Ventuz to its Product Line

demoNatively rendered graphics for monitor wall, touch screens, and on-air. info@mprosystems.net




Touch Screens and Touch Screen Overlays

Professional Solutions for your On-set Productions

Providing easy to fit and calibrate Touch Overlays, the user has immediately turned his passive monitor into a true multi-touch experience.

Available in sizes 32” up to 152” in single screen Touch Overlays, the product is compatible with a large number of commercial and some domestic displays from NEC, Samsung, Sharp, Phillips, Eyevis, Panasonic and LG. Popular with Educational establishments, this solution enables easy and cost-effective switching from passive to interactive displays where large quantities of monitors would otherwise have needed to be replaced.

Popular in the Broadcast sector is our range of Touch Overlays for Panasonic Plasma, in sizes 50”, 60”, 65”, 85”, 103” and 152”. The investment may have already been made in the expensive Plasma, the Touch Overlay adds the capability to present using the screen in sporting, news and game show broadcasts.

Also, because the touch frame is a lightweight slim-fit design, in keeping with the overall look and feel of your flat panel display – you barely notice it. Further still, U-Touch takes full advantage of the specially developed Optical Sensing technology, maintaining bright, high contrast picture quality, accuracy and sensitivity; providing for those greater demand applications.

The optical imaging technology uses two modules, rather than surface mounted or perimeter based technologies, and as a result the technology is extremely cost-effective. This applies to traditional applications such as point-of-sale, restaurant, medical imaging, industrial monitoring and kiosks, but it also scales effectively to allow the touch enablement of very large Plasma and LCD displays.

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