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MPro Adds Village Island to its Product Line

demoHEVC HD and 4K Decoders and Transport Stream Processors.


OmniTek Demonstrates New Ultra 4K Tool Box

demoAnalysis, signal generator, and eye diagram to meet the needs of 4K and UHD environments.


MPro Adds ImmediaTV to its Product Line

demo ImmediaTV develops ASI and IP based H.264 encoding and gateway products.


MPro Adds Quantum Data to its Product Line

demoHandheld and desktop test products for the HDMI based display industry.


MPro Adds Ventuz to its Product Line

demoNatively rendered graphics for monitor wall, touch screens, and on-air.




Compact Audio Mixers for Video Applications


Blue 328 Digital Audio Mixer

The Blue|328 is a complete 8 bus, 32 input mixer with a wealth of features in an incredibly small package. EQ, Dynamics and Surround Sound Monitoring come standard. Designed for NLE edit suites, Telecine bays, Mobile Trucks and similar applications where available space is small and the audio requirements are large.

Gray 328 Digital Audio Mixer

Occupying the same small physical space as the Blue|328, the Gray|328 is specifically designed for edit system control in linear edit suites. The Gray|328 talks ESAM II protocol via RS422 to any edit controller. Program and preset buses and a built-in preview switcher make audio-for-video editing a breeze.

M16 Digital Audio Mixer

Introducing the newest addition to our complete line of digital audio mixers. This powerful mixer pairs a new sophisticated 16 fader control surface with the proven standalone 3RU 328|MXE chassis. A new twist on an old renegade.

Mx Metering System

The new Mx Metering System adds high-resolution multi-channel metering to any of the Renegade digital audio mixers. The Mx Metering System is fully customizable with VU, PPM or K meter ballistics and a wide range of industry-standard meter scales. Surround metering is straightforward using the built-in surround views available with a single push of a button.

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