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MPro Adds Village Island to its Product Line

demoHEVC HD and 4K Decoders and Transport Stream Processors.


OmniTek Demonstrates New Ultra 4K Tool Box

demoAnalysis, signal generator, and eye diagram to meet the needs of 4K and UHD environments.


MPro Adds ImmediaTV to its Product Line

demo ImmediaTV develops ASI and IP based H.264 encoding and gateway products.


MPro Adds Quantum Data to its Product Line

demoHandheld and desktop test products for the HDMI based display industry.


MPro Adds Ventuz to its Product Line

demoNatively rendered graphics for monitor wall, touch screens, and on-air.




Learn - Understand - Imagine


Products can be complicated and sometimes brochures leave one with as many questions as they do answers. Videos can break through that barrier and get you over the knowledge hump about a product or a service. Whether it's graphics or test and measurement, our collection will be very helpful.

Please note that some of these videos are large. If the video fails to start, right click and use the "save link as" command to save the video to your local machine.


Chyron Chyron
  All the highlights from ChyronHego's Demo Reel including Lyric based playout platforms, channel branding, and elections.
Hego VP Hego VP
  ChyronHego Virtual Placement allows you to place graphics, clips, or video feeds virtually anywhere on your set. Using scene recognition the software needs no camera sensors to place your graphics virtually anywhere. Works with live cameras or pre-recorded sources.
Hego VP
  ChyronHego Virtual Placement test performed at TVG in Los Angeles. In this test you will see an inserted CG panel to the left of the talent, animated objects attached to the walls, Graphic elements being used to block ceiling lights and another CG panel chroma keyed on the brown carpet on the floor. This video was recorded from a hand held camera.
Hego at TVG
  ChyronHego Virtual Placement in use by TVG. Various samples that include information billboards and on field signage. Examples of promotion and branding are also evident.
Hego Paint Hego Touch Screen
  ChyronHego Touchscreen as used by the Tennis Channel during Wimbledon in 2012. This video demonstrates the integration of drawing tools with full EVS control all being run by the on-air talent.
Hego paint
  ChyronHego Paint combines powerful 3D rendering with an amazing drawing tool set. Recall clips from your EVS system easily and quickly. Perfect for on set story telling and coverage for sports, news, entertainment, and elections.
  ChyronHego's systems can work together to satisfy even the most advanced productions. In this video the Chyron Hego Touch Screen system triggers a fully rendered 3D object that is real time rendered as part of the scene. Chyron Hego's 3D renderer is very fast and efficient and can import models from popular 3D authoring systems.
Hego Touch Hego Touch
  ChyronHego Touchscreen is a powerful 3D render engine that can provide live data feeds with up to twelve HD video inputs. Perfect for live monitoring of developing stories. This video shows this technology in use on DirecTV's Redzone show.

Emotion Systems

  Emotion Systems introduces eFF Loudness Measurement and Correction Software. Process audio media in either WAV, MOV, or MXF. Single or multi-channel sound measurement and correction is simple to use.


IPV Overview IPV Overview
  IPV Overview video reveals how IPV's media management solutions can empower your ability to browse, edit, play, and archive your content.

IPV Live IPV Live

  IPV Live provides access to your media seconds after the content arrives. Browse and edit using Adobe Premier and deliver at any resolution.


OmniTek PQA OmniTek PQA
  OmniTek introduces PQA and in service AV delay with lip sync measurement at the recent HPA event. This under two minute video provides a basic overview of these new capabilities. This video was produced by MPro Systems.
OmniTek Audio OmniTek Audio
  In addition to video and status, the OmniTek OTR/OTM products have a very powerful audio option including loudness measurements and logging. This video was produced by MPro Systems.
OmniTek 3D Stereo OmniTek 3D
  The OmniTek OTR/OTM systems feature a powerful 3D stereo capability available as a software option. This video provides an overview of these capabilities. This video was produced by MPro Systems.

OmniTek Gen OmniTek Gen

  Extremely flexible, the OmniTek OTR/OTM systems can be configured with a full test generator as well as physical layer analysis. This video shows a variety of screen layouts highlighting the capability. There is no narration with this video. This video was produced by MPro Systems.




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