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MPro Adds Village Island to its Product Line

demoHEVC HD and 4K Decoders and Transport Stream Processors. info@mprosystems.net


OmniTek Demonstrates New Ultra 4K Tool Box

demoAnalysis, signal generator, and eye diagram to meet the needs of 4K and UHD environments. info@mprosystems.net


MPro Adds ImmediaTV to its Product Line

demo ImmediaTV develops ASI and IP based H.264 encoding and gateway products. info@mprosystems.net


MPro Adds Quantum Data to its Product Line

demoHandheld and desktop test products for the HDMI based display industry. info@mprosystems.net


MPro Adds Ventuz to its Product Line

demoNatively rendered graphics for monitor wall, touch screens, and on-air. info@mprosystems.net




Make Your Productions Easier and More Profitable


SpectreView Browse Media

Today’s news editing, scheduling or asset management world of software driven broadcast systems, requires users to be able to view multiple video assets in order to achieve a desired workfl ow. Ordinarily delivering high resolution video to multiple users in a desktop environment is limiting, if not almost impossible, due to the volumes of data, time available and functionality required. IPV invented the concept of ‘shadow browse’, where an exact low bit-rate copy of the original high resolution video media is created and is used in parallel with the original video asset.

This concept enables hundreds of users to access video assets using powerful tools, from their desktop PC’s, with a minimum of infrastructure and using standard IT hardware. Any changes, editorial decisions or additions to the shadow browse asset are reflected precisely back to the high-resolution asset minimizing the costly movement and data handling of the original media.

Curator Asset Management

Curator is the advanced tapeless workflow solution that brings your media, associated metadata and advanced workflow tools together, all at the right time, at your users' desktops. IPV’s Curator system is an affordable proxy-based real-time Media Asset Management solution designed to assist broadcasters in meeting their critical sports, news and archive requirements. Curator allows communities of media professionals to achieve collaborative workflows in a fast paced, live production environment ensuring immediate access to all incoming media and archive content.

Process Engine

Process Engine enables even more automation of multiple media workflows by providing user programmable processes with full monitoring and notifications of progress, completion and any issues throughout the process. The IPV Process Engine enables the design and management of automated broadcast and media workflows eliminating the need for manual intervention thereby reducing costs and minimizing errors. The Process Engine manages rules based workflows of any scale, from simple file movement and notification to complex multilayered designs. The services provide a seamless integration with third party vendors providing a solution that meets your exact requirements. Process designs can be simply created and adapted to meet your current and changing requirements.


Teragator from IPV is a metadata aggregation and management tool that helps all users explore associated information and browse associated data from numerous and unconnected sources, rather than the traditional and often ineffective process of have to frequently switch tools and guessing keywords and search criteria. Teragator’s
sophisticated data mining and analysis techniques establish relationships between data stored across disparate sources and presents these results in a uniform user friendly interface with a comprehensive and structured
set of choices for visualization and action.

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