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What's New:

MPro Adds Village Island to its Product Line

demoHEVC HD and 4K Decoders and Transport Stream Processors.


OmniTek Demonstrates New Ultra 4K Tool Box

demoAnalysis, signal generator, and eye diagram to meet the needs of 4K and UHD environments.


MPro Adds ImmediaTV to its Product Line

demo ImmediaTV develops ASI and IP based H.264 encoding and gateway products.


MPro Adds Quantum Data to its Product Line

demoHandheld and desktop test products for the HDMI based display industry.


MPro Adds Ventuz to its Product Line

demoNatively rendered graphics for monitor wall, touch screens, and on-air.




Stunning Graphics Impacting Audiences Worldwide


Lyric Pro Based Live On-Air CG Systems

ChyronHego understands that you are all about graphics workflow and having the shortest cycle time to air. Lyric PRO is engineered with high-performance features that provide ease of use under all conditions and by everyone on the production staff, including artists, operators, producers, directors and engineering. Real-time multi-scene compositing and interactive messages are within reach, eliminating the need for complex scripting.

ChyronHego's powerful, continuous graphics rendering engine is the core provider of real-time, high-end 3D animations. Hierarchical grouping and key-frame timeline attributes provide designers with a familiar and interactive toolset with direct integration to industry standard applications such as Adobe Creative Suite® and Autodesk's® 3D solutions.

Lyric PRO is standard on ChyronHego's Mosaic, Graffiti, and HyperX3.1 graphics system.

Camio Graphics Asset Management

Create, edit, share and play to air stunning graphics with unparalleled ease. Simplify your graphics workflow with ChyronHego’s CAMIO graphics asset management solution. ChyronHego's Camio Graphics Asset Management solution redefines the graphics production workflow for news and sports by seamlessly integrating a MOS gateway, asset management, distribution and playout control.

Channel Box Channel Branding

Retain viewers. Increase revenue. Broadcasters everywhere are switching their channel branding to Channel Box to take advantage of its unequaled power, interoperability and stunning return on investment. Any data. Anywhere. Anytime. ChyronHego’s Channel Branding solutions captures and keeps your viewers by delivering up-to-the-minute headlines, sports scores, financial data, weather reports and now, social media interaction.

Touch Screen with Paint

With the growing trend of touchscreen technology usage in many aspects of life, broadcasters have already recognized the great potential for using this new presentation platform in their shows to help their presenters better communicate and connect to their audiences. Whether it is for election coverage, sports analysis, or other information-rich live shows, they all share the same need to interact with a wide variety of information sources and media content to help explain and enhance the given topic of discussion. This has traditionally been controlled by the director and graphics operator in the gallery with the presenters relying upon good timing and directional cues to coordinate and choreograph the presentation. With the introduction of studio touchscreens, much of this power is put firmly in the hands of the presenter. It enables live studio presentations to be made to look much more natural and streamlined, making the productions far more engaging for audiences. 

Virtual Football

AKI Virtual Football is a powerful and easy-to-use system for enhancing live football coverage through the addition of virtual graphics both on main camera as well as offside cameras. It is entirely based upon image processing, working completely without the need for camera sensors or special camera heads. It also has built-in keyers, linear and chroma, designed especially for various sports environments, successfully dealing with circumstances like shadows and bright sunlight in the video material.

A combination of different tracking algorithms working together, gives simply the best tracking quality available. AKI Virtual Football analyses the camera movement from all three cameras simultaneously, normally a main camera in conjunction with two offside camera angles. A fourth input is available for virtual jumbotron as an example.

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